Wataniya WAP


Have fun and entertainment with Wataniya Mobile WAP, download games, videos, ringtones, themes, animations or backgrounds from Wataniya Mobile WAP (wap.wataniya.ps).



Content Type

Price (NIS) Incl. VAT

Themes 4.05
True Tones 5.06
Backgrounds 5.06
Animations 5.06
Videos 6.08
Games 9.12

Browsing Wataniya Mobile WAP site costs you 0.0023 NIS per 1 KB including VAT.

Prices on the website are rounded to 2 digits, but please note that prices are rounded to 5 digits on WM billing system






  • This service is available for all Wataniya Mobile subscribers whose handsets support WAP service.
  • To browse Wataniya Mobile WAP site, you have to activate mobile internet service.
  • To receive internet settings at your mobile, send empty SMS to 1207 or call *123.
  • You can browse Wataniya WAP on wap.wataniya.ps